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Our consulting services focus on a customized approach that takes today's robust HR, Training, Development and Leadership approaches and right-sizes them to your organization. Whether you are just starting to see the value in setting up programs like performance feedback or best-practice recruiting and onboarding, or you desire to move toward strategic HR, our consulting team will work with you to:

We've highlighted a few examples of projects that may fit your needs, and look forward to talking with you to design a solution that is a solid match to where you are today integrating the approach with your survey results if you've recently participated in the BCWI survey and where you'd like to be tommorow to optimize mission impact.

*Integrating the approach with your survey results if you've recently participated in the BCWI survey.

and Onboarding

That help you select and welcome high quality and prepared new employees

Mission impact begin with prayerful planning and excellence in hiring and onboarding new team members. BCWI consultants work with you to bring best-practices to recruiting, designing a custom approach that will:

  • Identify the ideal candidate profile
  • Guides in building the recruiting plan
  • Designs effective interview questions and techniques
  • Lays out best practices in working with candidates
  • Sets a framework for excellence in onboarding
  • Right-sizes the system to your HR and Supervisor styles


For employees that crystalize duties and responsibilities

Position descriptions are essential tools for candidate selection, employee performance management and talent development for the future. Let BCWI help you design position descriptions that:

  • Describe your positions in a clear and compelling way
  • Contain competencies needed for each role
  • Illustrate clearly the different families of jobs
  • Contain best practice education and experience
  • Make clear distinctions between jobs to aid in compensation management
  • Provide an easy-to-manage system for maintaining the program in the future

Feedback Programs

That engage employees and motivate excellence in meeting goals

Is your performance management system in need of an effectiveness overhaul, or maybe you don't currently have a program for stewarding performance at your organization? We will work with you to design a custom approach to performance management that:

  • increases the frequency of employee feedback
  • Guides managers through the feedback process
  • Provide for employee development and growth
  • Contains goal setting and clear measures
  • Aligns competencies to types of jobs
  • Contains your values
  • Simplifies approach, while maintaining essential elements

Talent Management
and Employee Development

That grow employees abilities for today and tommorow

There are no "resources" more precious than your employee are the Talent of your organization. Today’s employees want to learn and grow on the iob more than any previous generations. Let us help you:

  • Identify the talent needs of your teams
  • Build growth paths for different types of positions
  • Utilize a competency approach to building opportunities to learn and grow on the job
  • Provide a talent path approach useful for bench strength and succession planning

HR Development

Assessing today's reality and building a plan for vibrant programs and fully prepared HR team members.

Todays HR is not only excellent in service and compliance, but they are leaders in aligning people to ministry strategies. They build HR systems in recruiting, performance management, compensation, talent management and organizational development that boost and lift your HR approach from a "cost center" to a strategic partner. Our consultants will work with you to identify your “HR Readiness" to be a strategic partner, highlight your areas for growth, and design a plan for the team to become a key player and mitigate any concerns about the "value" of HR. Whether you are building a new HR team, or envisioning a new future, we can work with you to be "strategic" at any size.


for Supervisors

Supervisor effectiveness is core to employee engagement, satisfaction and meeting ministry goals. Supervisors need core skills that are often not previously part of their prepration as front-line employees. The BCWI team will work with you to:

  • Assess and define the training needs of your supervisors, managers and leadership
  • Design a custom plan for learning for today, and an ongoing path for the future Provide for employee development and growth
  • Provide you with training products that contain best-practice adult learning for dozens of development topics
  • Adapt and fully customize all products as your own, with language, branding and examples that truly reflect your organization
  • Train the Trainer” to make the program your own