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157 Organizations Honored as “2020’s Certified Best Christian Workplaces”

Ministries, churches, and companies create healthy workplace cultures during prolonged COVID threat.
MERCER ISLAND, WA – Today, the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI) honored 157 faith-based organizations as Certified Best Christian Workplaces for 2020.

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Three Ingredients for a Well Run Ministry

Two different management strategies: The first believes in getting things done through other people. The second helps people exercise their spiritual gifts and natural abilities. Which one is best ...

How Active Listening Leads to a Flourishing Culture // Tom

Welcome to our first video Positive Core Series Podcast.  In this episode I interview Dr. Tom Bennett the Head of Schools for Santa Fe Christian Schools in Solana Beach, California.  Listen, as Tom ...
Involvement Drives Winning Strategy:  Santa Fe Christian

Involvement Drives Winning Strategy: Santa Fe Christian

Challenge Seven years ago, you probably wouldn’t have wanted Tom Bennett’s job as Interim Director at Santa Fe Christian Schools in Solana Beach, California. Sizable debt and red ink had delayed ...

Defining DNA on a College Campus Builds Collaboration: A

Just when you think the strength of an organization starts at the top, along comes someone whose storied, transparent leadership shows it’s absolutely, positively true. Challenge Sixteen years ago, ...

BCWI Announces 2015 Best Christian Workplaces

This year’s 2015 Best Christian Workplaces list identifies organizations where employees experience healthy, even flourishing workplace cultures. The employees in these organizations find the work ...

Transparency and Trust Build Culture: College of Biblical

What president or CEO wouldn’t want to cultivate the kind of transparency and  trust  that can generate staff unity, organizational effectiveness and ministry impact? But what if turbulent events ...