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157 Organizations Honored as “2020’s Certified Best Christian Workplaces”

Ministries, churches, and companies create healthy workplace cultures during prolonged COVID threat.
MERCER ISLAND, WA – Today, the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI) honored 157 faith-based organizations as Certified Best Christian Workplaces for 2020.

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Engaging the Field in Strategic Planning: A World Harvest

When the new Director of Operations of a global missions organization decided to yield strategic goal setting to the six overseas area directors, he almost made a grown man cry—for good reason.: ...

How Transparent Relatinships Help Build Flourishing

Can you see how transparency and honesty changed this workplace for the better? True Story: It’s 2001, and you’re in a brisk start-up business, when suddenly your venture capital vanishes. Quicker ...

Building Leadership Cohesion For Change: An Apartment

Vision casting can light a fire, but the dream will smolder in a hurry unless . . . Need: The executive leadership at Apartment Life, a national faith-based organization that places CARES teams in ...

Recognizing Great Staff By Giving Them “The Boot:

  The symbolic meaning of a hiking boot is changing the way employees of an international ministry see themselves, while steadily increasing the impact and effectiveness of their team. NEED: ...

A Performance Review Program that Adds Up! A CapinCrouse

Can you afford to let your employees’ work suffer by ignoring regular performance reviews? Meet the organization that wisely said, “No.” Need: With 120 employees spread among four regions coast-to ...
Purposeful Goals, Relationships And Compensation Builds A

Purposeful Goals, Relationships And Compensation Builds A

Fielder Church in Arlington TX is growing in joy and excitement among the staff and congregation. How do you recruit and retain the kind of stellar, gifted people that can make your ministry thrive? ...