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96 Organizations Honored as “Certified Best Christian Workplaces”

MERCER ISLAND, WA – Today, Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI) honors 96 faith-based organizations as Certified Best Christian Workplaces for the first six months of 2021.

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Rest: A Glimpse of Heaven’s Hope in the Workplace

Rest, like many good gifts from God, is something we are good at misusing.  We tend to extremes, it seems to me, either erring on the side of disdaining rest and thus being a workaholic, or, on the ...
Promoting Health: A God-Honoring Business Practice

Promoting Health: A God-Honoring Business Practice

  Many of the best workplaces are taking efforts to promote the health of their employees.  There are numerous reasons for them to do so: 1) Their staff will be more productive if they are ...

Working from Home: A Christian Perspective

As my husband and I prepared to move to Jackson, Mississippi a year ago so that he could finish his degree at Reformed Theological Seminary, I was sad to bid farewell to my coworkers and friends at ...

Christian Unity: Breaking Down Your Silos!

‘Silo’ is a term in the business sphere that brings an image easily to mind: shiny silver bullet shaped containers filled with grain or corn, spread all over America.  The silos are almost ...
Vocation: Work as Worship

Vocation: Work as Worship

God works in mysterious ways, which often include painful and challenging situations.   I believe that this season of economic struggle, in which many Christian organizations are accomplishing their ...

Call to Action: Toxic Free Christian Workplaces!

I have always enjoyed Henry Mitzberg’s writing on leadership issues.  This summer’s Harvard Business Review (HBR) included a thoughtful piece entitled “Rebuilding Companies as Communities.”  He ...