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Season 2 Episode 12: How To Move Culture from Toxic to Flourishing // Craig Warner, The Gideons International

Thanks for joining us on Season 2 of The Flourishing Culture Podcast! One of the most remarkable cultural transformations we’ve seen comes from one of the oldest and most revered Chrisitan ministries. In the past 6 years, Craig Warner, Executive Director of The Gideons International, has moved their workplace culture from toxic to one that’s very healthy. Today, we’re…

Season 2 Episode 11: How To Build Trust and Open Communication // Bob Lonac, CRISTA

Thanks for joining us on Season 2 of The Flourishing Culture Podcast! How can leaders build a culture of trust and open communication? Today, it’s our pleasure to welcome Bob Lonac, President and Chief Executive Officer of CRISTA. The number one strength CRISTA scored on the BCWI Employee Engagement Survey is trust. And right there with trust,…

How To Let the Aroma of Christ Transform Your Culture

It’s one of the most remarkable Christian organizations anywhere: a family of seven distinctive ministries united by a compelling five-word pledge. Preserving that promise is where the story gets interesting. I’d known Bob Lonac, President and CEO of CRISTA near Seattle, for years. And still, when I sat down with Bob, the situation he and…

Season 2 Episode 10: How To Transform Your Culture in 1 Year // Scott Evans, Outreach Inc.

Thanks for joining us on Season 2 of The Flourishing Culture Podcast! Imagine, for a moment, if you could significantly improve the health of your workplace culture over this coming year and see the growing satisfaction, camaraderie and productivity of your people. Today, you’re going to meet a leader who’s has done just that – significantly improve the…

5 Super-Practical Ways YOUR Culture Can Soar!

Today we’re sharing the surprising story of how a ping-pong table, a series of free lunches and the use of a GoPro camera, kayak or paddleboard (take your pick) transformed one organization’s culture—from teetering on the rocks to soaring off the charts! The Challenge In 1996, Scott Evans founded Outreach, Inc. with an audacious vision to…

Episode Encore: Spiritual Disciplines for the Leader’s Heart // Ruth Haley Barton, Transforming Center

Welcome to The Flourishing Culture Podcast! How does a busy Christian leader – with a full plate of responsibilities and activities – maintain an abundant spiritual life so they can effectively lead from that place? Listen to the Audio Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher Radio Today, Al is talking with Dr. Ruth Haley Barton, the founder…