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4 Strategies To Help You Lead Like Jesus

Imagine you, as a leader, being transformed from the inside out by the integrity, wisdom and compassion of the greatest leader in history. Then, imagine the same thing happening throughout your organization as you and your colleagues learn what it means to lead like the world’s greatest leader of all time: Jesus. Could it happen in…

6 Steps to a 90% Hiring Success Rate

Imagine a proven hiring approach with a 90% success rate that puts the right people in the right seats and thus generates new levels of effectiveness, productivity and ministry impact. It can happen for your organization, just like it did for The Gideons International, through a proven two- step process.  As we saw last week, step…

Episode 35: The Predictive Hiring Model // Chad Carter, The Gideons International

Welcome to The Flourishing Culture Podcast! One of the top drivers of organizational success is the quality of your employees. But how do you attract and select outstanding talent that will be successful in your organization? Wouldn’t it be great if we could predict hiring success? Today we are going to address this very topic with Chad Carter,…