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Episode 17: Millennials – A Chosen Generation // Thom Rainer, Lifeway

The material in this blog post is derived from Thom and Jess Rainer’s book The Millenials: Connection to America’s Largest Generation The title of this article needs some explanation. By Millenials, I am referring to the generation born between the years 1980 and 2000. Although only a small percentage (around 10%) of this generation are…

Rebuilding Trust

Note: this blog is a continuation of my previous blog called “Building Trust in Organizations.”  To read that one first, click here. Building trust among coworkers in an organization takes time, but ruining it can take minutes.  In the course of normal relationships, breaking trust happens at least once.  Such is the nature of the…

Storytelling: A Leadership Tool in a Communication-Rich Age

Taken from Axiom News’ eBook “How to Change Your World by Sharing Stakeholders Stories” Why is it that despite Intranet, e-mail, Facebook, and GoToMeeting, employees still complain that leadership doesn’t communicate well enough?  We have powerful communication tools, but especially since they are often instantaneous and frequent there is all the more need to lead…