Vocation: Work as Worship

PuritanGod works in mysterious ways, which often include painful and challenging situations.   I believe that this season of economic struggle, in which many Christian organizations are accomplishing their mission with a leaner work force, is an opportunity for Christian workers to grow in their understanding of how their work and their faith relate.  Specifically, the original Puritan work ethic, as Leland Ryken describes it, has much

Call to Action: Toxic Free Christian Workplaces!

I have always enjoyed Henry Mitzberg’s writing on leadership issues.  This summer’s Harvard Business Review (HBR) included a thoughtful piece entitled “Rebuilding Companies as Communities.”  He states we are facing a crisis that is more significant than our current economic one.  That is – “the depreciation in companies of community where people’s sense of belonging and caring for someone

A Vision for Christian Workplaces

We look forward to the day Christian workplaces are the best, most effective places to work in the world.  The day when the secular business world will look to the standards of management and leadership set by Christian organizations.

Effective Christian workplaces have an unusual vitality and effectiveness because of their servant leadership.  They have thick cultures with high levels of character, competence, a commitment for learning, a climate