Crossings Message

Paul McDonald, Head of School

Crossings Christian School in Oklahoma City has nailed three absolute musts of a flourishing culture. In the words of Headmaster Paul MacDonald: 

  • Inspirational Leadership: If we rely on the grace of God and humbly place others in the organization first, we’ll see our peopleand thus our respective organizations—flourish.”
  • Outstanding Talent: “We’ve been super intentional about wanting to provide our students with the best people—the right people on the bus in the right seats.”? 
  • Healthy Communication: “We make sure to disseminate information with a?strong feedback loop?involving the staff at every level.”

Result: A trust level between leadership and staff that’s off the charts, faculty and staff that are full of confidence, integrity and a genuine esprit de corps, and a culture with almost no employee turnover. 

Paul MacDonald, Head of School 

Crossings Christian School 

Oklahoma City, OK 

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