St. Matthew's House Message

Vann Ellison, President & CEO

When Vann Ellison came to lead St. Matthew’s House, the culture was disunified, authoritarian, and had a reputation of backbiting. In the 10 years since he arrived, Ellison and the other leadership have worked to develop a flourishing culture, even while growing the organization by a factor of 10.  Their hard work showed when they completed the BCWI Employee Engagement Survey for the first time with very healthy results. 

Vann Ellison knows that building a flourishing culture can also touch a local community. 

St. Matthew’s House in Naples helps lift people out of poverty, hunger, drug addiction and homelessness  

“I remember the man who called me after his father had just passed away [to relay the story of] when one of our drivers was packing his mother’s donated items into the truck. [The driver] told this new widow how his life had been transformed through the work of St. Matthew’s House. Your husband provided well for you, and now, through the things you’re donating, you and your husband are helping provide for people like me. Do you mind if we take a moment to thank God for your husband?’” 

Transforming a culture can truly change a community for the better. 

Vann Ellison, CEO 

St. Matthew’s House 

Naples, Florida 

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