Northwest University Message

Dr. Joseph Castleberry, President

“From the very start of our culture turnaround, we realized it’s our Christian obligation to be better and to?do?better. We don’t have the right to be a miserable workplace in the name of Jesus. 

“In the ‘bad ol’ days,’ our culture was like a crumbling marriage that stays together for the kids; everybody loved the students, but they didn’t necessarily love the other adults. Over time, the student community began to wear off on the rest of us in a warm, beautiful way to the point that today, staff and administration love being together. Ask any student, ‘What do you like best about Northwest University?’ and he or she will say, ‘It’s the community!’” 

“We call it the Northwest Wayrecognizing people who go out of their way to serve others well and thus live out the calling we have in Christ.”? 


Joseph Castleberry, President? 

Northwest University 

Kirkland, Washington 

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