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Do you struggle to retain your top talent? Do your employees feel lost, confused, or disheartened by their future prospects with your organization? Are you looking for ways to make strategic investments in the growth and development of your team members? A best practice for maximizing your ability to develop the talent in your organization is to create career paths for every member of your teams. Use this resource to learn how to create different career paths for every role, regardless of the size or structure of your workplace.

Contact your organization’s Survey Coordinator and request the Resource Code to use as your discount code.  The Resource Code can be found at the bottom of the first page of your organization’s most recent BCWI Engagement Survey Reports.


This resource is designed to increase your ability to:

  • Understand why career paths are a best practice, and what makes an effective career path
  • Utilize the basics of career path design to implement career pathing at your organization
  • Identify the different core career paths, and decide which path types would work for your teams
  • Create support structures that ensure career paths run smoothly


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