Developing People – Supervisor Essentials


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Do you have an under-skilled workforce or a weak bench of talent to promote from?  Is your staff’s engagement low or do you commonly lose good people?  An intentional plan to develop your people is often a strategic solution.  This resource outlines a process to create a plan for your staff’s development.

Contact your organization’s Survey Coordinator and request the Resource Code to use as your discount code.  The Resource Code can be found at the bottom of the first page of your organization’s most recent BCWI Engagement Survey Reports.


This resource is part of a series that we call “Supervisor Essentials”.  It is designed to increase your ability to:

  • Understand the key components of an effective people development approach
  • See where your people development skills are today and where you need to grow
  • Grow the knowledge and skills you need to help your team members develop
  • Introduce you to creating an effective development and growth plan
  • Provide you with next steps to act on what you have learned


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