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Do you struggle to attract and retain top talent? Have you faced challenges in finding “fit” between candidates and roles at your company? Are you looking for ways to recruit high performers with excellent character? You may need to leverage the power of Outstanding Talent. Use this guide to to discover how making strategic investments in your talent pool can drive your engagement and cause your culture to flourish.

Contact your organization’s Survey Coordinator and request the Resource Code to use as your discount code.  The Resource Code can be found at the bottom of the first page of your organization’s most recent BCWI Engagement Survey Reports.


This succinct 3-page resource is designed to increase your ability to:

  • Recognize the habits and practices of organizations with Outstanding Talent
  • Identify signs of and intervene in scenarios where lack of talent drives disengagement
  • Utilize simple strategies to attract and retain top talent

NOTE: BCWI’s Flourish Guides are intended for organizations who already use BCWI’s employee engagement survey. They provide helpful insights to better understand our 8 factor Flourish model, but they assume that you already have a general understanding of BCWI’s engagement survey and your organization’s survey results. We do not generally recommend our Flourish Guides for those who are not current customers (Ministry Partners) of BCWI.


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