Flourishing Workplace

Can Help You Build One and Grow Your Impact.


We’ll help you take the guesswork out of building a flourishing culture so your organization can grow. With the FLOURISH Model Framework, we can easily assist you to implement changes in your culture that actually work, without spending a fortune on another consultant. How can we serve you?

Focus Group Facilitation 

Discover the root issues and causes for current levels of engagement through facilitated focus groups and written, actionable reports.

Focus groups are designed to:

  • Identify the root causes behind highly significant and lower scored areas from the survey
  • Develop a clear understanding of actionable themes
  • Provide a release valve for staff
  • Provide leadership with a series of recommendations for addressing the issues in a written report
  • Create positive momentum towards a flourishing culture, and
  • Forge higher levels of engagement to implement desired outcomes.

Fantastic Teams: Building Conflict Competence

Team cohesion depends on developing competence to deal with conflict in a biblical, healthy and productive manner is a powerful strength in ministry.

The Conflict Competence workshop includes:

  • Presentation of a 6 hour interactive workshop on Conflict Competence for up to 45 people.
  • A self-assessment for 4 areas.
  • A takeaway tool featuring each individual’s complimentary competencies useful in a conflict.
  • Guidelines for applying skills learned at work and at home.
  • A list of additional resources available on the topic.

Uplifting Growth: Improving Performance

Engage employees and motivate excellence in meeting goals

Is your performance management system in need of an effectiveness overhaul, or maybe you don’t currently have a program for stewarding performance at your organization? We will work with you to design a custom approach to performance management that:

  • Increases the frequency of employee feedback
  • Guides managers through the feedback process
  • Provides for employee development and growth
  • Contains goal setting and clear measures
  • Aligns competencies to types of jobs
  • Contains your values
  • Simplifies approach while maintaining essential elements

Create a Culture Where Your People and Organization Flourishes

A flourishing culture is core to employee engagement, commitment and meeting ministry goals. Leaders need core skills that are often not previously part of their preparation as front-line managers. The BCWI team will work with you to:

Today, a healthy culture is a key to excellence in service where leaders are aligning people to ministry strategies.

  • HR builds systems in recruiting, performance management, compensation, talent management and organizational development that boost and lift your HR approach from a “cost center” to a strategic partner.
  • Our consultants will work with you to identify your “HR Readiness” to be a strategic partner, highlight your areas for growth, and design a plan for the team to become a key player and mitigate any concerns about the “value” of HR.
  • Whether you are building a new HR team or envisioning a new future, we can work with you to be “strategic” at any size.

Uplifting-Growth: Leader Development through Assessment and Coaching

Grow employees abilities for today and tomorrow

There are no “resources” more precious than your employees, they are the talent of your organization. Today’s employees want to learn and grow on the job more than any previous generation. Let us help you:

  • Identify the talent needs of your teams
  • Build growth paths for different types of positions
  • Utilize a competency approach to building opportunities to learn and grow on the job
  • Provide a talent path approach useful for bench strength and succession planning

Uplifting Growth:  Training for Supervisors

Engage employees and motivate excellence in meeting goals

Position descriptions are essential tools for candidate selection, employee performance management and talent development for the future. Let BCWI help you design position descriptions that:

  • Describe your positions in a clear and compelling way
  • Contain competencies needed for each role
  • Illustrate clearly the different families of jobs
  • Contain best practice education and experience
  • Make clear distinctions between jobs to aid in compensation management
  • Provide an easy-to-manage system for maintaining the program in the future

Outstanding Talent:  Create a Comprehensive Talent Management System

Build a process that positions your organization with the outstanding talent you need for a sustainable future.

BCWI can help you develop a system that:

  • Helps identify your “key seats”
  • Position the right people in your key seats
  • Develop succession plans
  • Create strategies to retain your top talent
  • Identify and thoughtfully address under-performers
  • Effectively differentiate development opportunities based on performance and potential
  • Cultivate a development culture

Action Planning Services

Facilitated action planning sessions support and boost momentum after employee engagement surveys. Formally plan, set goals, set measurements, assign actions and put their plans in writing set the stage for successful change.

BCWI Action Planning support is designed to:

  • Identify your key areas of focus for action
  • Design measurable improvement goals that are realistic for each area
  • Incorporate proven best practices strategies for improvement
  • Assign roles and responsibilities for the next steps
  • Provide a written action plan that can be communicated with staff

Life-Giving Work:  Creating Clear, Meaningful Position Descriptions

Crystalize duties and responsibilities for employees

  • Assess and define the training needs of your supervisors, managers and leadership
  • Design a custom plan for learning for today, and an ongoing path for the future Provide for employee development and growth
  • Provide you with training products that contain best-practice adult learning for dozens of development topics
  • Adapt and fully customize all products as your own, with language, branding and examples that truly reflect your organization
  • “Train the Trainer” to make the program your own

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