What are the root causes of your unique engagement challenges?

And how can you create a clear path forward to address them?

Discovery Groups are a proven, effective approach.


A Simple 3-Step Process

  1. Give input into the design of key questions.
  2. Engage staff in focus groups of 4-8 people each.
  3. Receive an actionable report of the findings.

Discovery Groups are facilitated focus groups led by a trained BCWI Consultant to:

  • Identify the root causes behind highly significant and lower-scored areas from the employee engagement survey
  • Develop a clear understanding from your staff of actionable themes to address the core issues
  • Provide a “release valve” for staff
  • Provide leadership with a series of recommendations which address the issues in a written report
  • Create positive momentum towards a flourishing culture
  • Forge higher levels of engagement to implement desired outcomes