Want to be sure your plan to improve your workplace culture is working?

Schedule a 6-month check-in.

See how your Action Planning steps are progressing since you last conducted the full Employee Engagement Survey.


  • Quick. The Pulse Survey includes the 16 questions most closely correlated to employee engagement. With no demographic questions, it takes just five minutes to complete.
  • Simple. A clear, single-page report comes with one base fee. No per-person fees. (Team Snapshot Reports are available for purchase after the survey closes.)
  • Debrief Included. As part of a Pulse Survey, your BCWI consultant will debrief your executive leadership team to understand and interpret the results more fully, identifying the next steps. We care about helping your workplace culture improve.

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Note: BCWI does not award Certification based on the results of a Pulse Survey. Certification is awarded based on the results of the full Employee Engagement Survey.